Dancing With Life CD by Don Shetterly

  • 15 tracks
  • Length: 52 Minutes
  • Debut CD for Don Shetterly
  • No talking or singing
  • Great for relaxation
  • Helps sleep and stress

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About The CD, Dancing With Life

Imagine for a moment, someone sitting down at the piano. Fingers touch the keys as if the heavens are releasing another sound. Each note played is a connection to the note that follows. All of the notes together combine to form a song, a thought, and a dance with life.

Dancing With Life was my first CD that I recorded. The music that came together on this CD was born out of the healing I went through after I lost my mom in a car accident. It was a very difficult time and one of the ways I used to help myself deal with the grief, was by creating this music. As one friend told me, “even though the music deals with a difficult time in your life, it has a hopeful and beautiful feel to it”.

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Released in October 2002

Length: 52 min.

Dancing With Life Song Descriptions

Track #1: Another Sunrise

In the midst of trying circumstances, we’re sometimes being reminded that another sunrise is what we have to look for, hope for and think about. Sometimes events of our daily life can cause us to forget that another sunrise gives us new and unique opportunities that we may not have today.

Track #2: Gentle Breezes

As a gentle breeze was blowing, it reminded me that even during difficult times, gentle breezes can be soothing, calming, and refreshing to us.

Track #3: Where Did You Go?

A song created at a time in my life when no matter how many questions I asked, there were just no answers. And yet, the answers were all so obvious but so not understood.

Track #4: I’m Still Looking

Often when we face events that seem larger than life, we must look long and hard for what takes us beyond those moments.

Track #5: Standing Firm

During times when the storms of life may howl and hurl every known thing against you, you can stand firm in yourself knowing that you will make it to another tomorrow.

Track #6: A Calm In The Storm

During the storms of life, you can rest assured that there will always be a calm in the storm.

Track #7: Comfort In The Midst

Sometimes when we face our daily lives, a temporary comfort can be worth much more than anything in the world.

Track #8: Lazy Afternoon

A relaxing piano piece to remind you that even in our busy daily lives, a relaxing lazy afternoon can often be the best use of our time.

Track #9: I’m Supposed To Smile

Sometimes when we face great pains in our lives, it is very hard to smile. Yet the world would like us to continue smiling when we do not feel like it. And yet, sometimes smiling during these difficult times does help us alleviate the pains we face in life.

Track #10: Unknown Tears

During a very difficult time, I wanted to cry but I couldn’t and this song got in touch with those tears where words failed to go.

Track #11: When The Last Teardrop Falls

When we lose a person we love so very much in our life, there are many tears. After some time, the tears exist, but we look forward to a day when the tears will be replaced with happy memories.

Track #12: Singing With The Birds

Sometimes in our hectic life, the birds sing and we fail to hear them. When was the last time you were singing with the birds?

Track #13: A Simple Place In Life

In our hustle and bustle of life towards the material possessions, we often forget the simple things in life.

Track #14: Dancing With Life

To dance in life is to live life to the fullest and to make the most out of all moments, even the rough ones.

Track #15: Let’s Soar

Living life not only has us dance the dance, but it has us soar to the highest mountain peaks that we can possibly imagine.

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