• Author: Don Shetterly
  • 59 Pages (Full Color)
  • Published Aug 2007
  • Paperback
  • Language: English

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Who Is This Book For?

  • Are you a Sexual Abuse Survivor?
  • Do you suffer from Depression and Suicide?
  • Have you been through Conversion Disorder?
  • Does life seem like a hopeless struggle?
  • Do you help others heal?

About The Book

A Journey Through Words

This is the first book that Don Shetterly wrote.  When  I wrote the parts of this book, it wasn’t done with any intention of publishing it.  I wrote it to help me heal.  It seemed like the words just flowed as a soothing balm to the pain I was experiencing.

These writings are meant as an encouragement to those who have been through painful moments of childhood sexual abuse and those that have suffered through all kinds of situations.

I experienced paralysis from a Conversion Disorder and it took me many years to really start finding my life.  It was a process, but in order to find my life, I went through the deep pain of learning to heal it.

These words are are part of that process.  Some definitely show the pain I went through, but in everything I create, it is about moving through the process, not getting stuck in it.

I dealt with anxiety, depression, and suicide along my way.

Writing and creativity has helped me so much in my healing.  If you want to read more, please check out my full length paperback called, “Hope And Possibility Through Trauma“.

A Note About The Book

This is a full color book with graphic and artwork I created years ago.  It is more of a book of poetry and approximately 59 pages.  It is a beautiful book and has a lot packed into those 59 pages.

About The Author

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