Focusing CD by Don Shetterly

  • 14 Tracks
  • Length: 64 Minutes
  • Easy Flowing Piano Sounds
  • No talking or singing
  • Great for relaxation
  • Reflective and forward looking

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About The CD

Drawing deep from within the soul of Don’s own personal struggles and triumphs, this CD is both reflective and forward looking. It grabs our attention as we look within ourselves, and as we look deeper, we become more aware, more focused and more at one with ourselves.

Note: Photo for this CD cover was taken in the Everglades National Park. It was nearing dusk and when I took the pictures my flash went off. Thinking they were nothing more than a mistake, I almost discarded them until I realized that they were perfect for this CD.

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Released in April 2005.

Length: 64 min.

Song Descriptions

Track #1: Massage Music

It isn’t often that we allow the necessary time for ourselves to just relax and rejuvenate. This song allows your mind to paint one of the most beautiful landscapes you could ever design as it takes you into a temporary moment of escape from your daily life. Relax to the sounds of Massage Music.

Track #2: Focusing

Sometimes in our busy life, our day gets cluttered with so many demands upon our time. It is important for us to focus on those things that are important and are worthy of our precious moments.

Track #3: Each Cloud I Ride

Some days in the world, our lives get overcrowded by many things including traffic, families, work and various other social activities that we partake in. It is at those times, that we must look to the clouds of our life to be the road upon which we ride.

Track #4: Mesmerizing

At times we have so many things going on in our lives and that to focus we must escape to another world or a trance like state to offer ourselves a moment of relaxation and reprieve. Sometimes this moment of mesmerizing trance is our way through to another moment in our life.

Track #5: Ripples In Life

As our lives are filled with various events, the ripples and waves that connect one point to the next are but a moment in time.

Track #6: The Lonely Ride

Sometimes it is so easy to think that we exist in a vacuum in life, alone and apart from all others. We may see ourselves in amongst everyone, but yet not part of them. It is not until we open our eyes fully, that we see there are so many riding through life along with us and beside us.

Track #7: Flying In Place

Imagine a bird just soaring through a warm, beautiful sun filled day, seeing all that is around it and doing none other than just enjoying the moment. Even in our busy moments, there are many treasures of this world that we need to never forget and that will carry us on through the many busy days of our lives.

Track #8: Where Fears Don’t Roam

What if we had a place where we could escape, run to or just take solace in that had no fears?

Track #9: Flowing Waters

If you ever need a mini break during a day, find a river, stream, lake, or even a water fountain and just listen to the water. Just listen.

Track #10: Awareness

We find in life that what we know today is a direct result of what we learned yesterday, but it is not all that we will know tomorrow. For as we continue to learn and become aware of things in our life and beyond our life, we become in tune to things much greater than ourselves. This is awareness and the more we become aware, the more there is yet to see.

Track #11: Life’s Little Gems

“Life’s Little Gems” come in many sizes, shapes, colors, and values. They come in times that we may or may not notice them and yet they usually have a great impact on our life. If we don’t keep our eyes open for them, we may miss them.

Track #12: Opening Up

“Opening Up” to all that makes us up or surrounds us is one of the greatest gifts we can ever give ourselves. It does not happen overnight and it is not something that you can read in a book, learn in a school or find in a store. It only comes by going deep within one’s self and having the courage to travel beyond that which you know to be true in this moment.

Track #13: Finding Myself

It is a wonderful moment when a person begins to really find themselves. It takes a lot of hard work to uncover each part that has been hidden for centuries within themselves. But through courage, continued work and a desire to know more, we can truly find our selves.

Track #14: Into The Deep

“Into The Deep” takes you into a place where few travel. It is beyond the point of just feeling relaxed or feeling good. It is a place where words, thoughts and time have no home. It is located within you and holds the keys to your life and your happiness.

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