Relaxing Spa Music CD by Don Shetterly

  • 12 Tracks
  • Length: 50 Minutes
  • Easy Flowing Piano Sounds
  • No talking or instruments
  • Great for relaxation
  • Can Be A Mother’s Day Gift.

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About The CD

Relax to the easy flowing piano sounds of Don Shetterly’s music just as if you are actually in a spa being pampered. Songs that will delight your ears, relax your muscles and just give you one of the best things you could ever give yourself.

Originally this CD was released for Mother’s Day, but it is good for any day of the year and for anyone whether you’re a Mother or not.

Relaxing Spa Music is dedicated to the memory of my Mom (2002).

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Released in April 2007.

Length: 50 min.

Song Descriptions

Track #1: Massage Music

It isn’t often that we allow the necessary time for ourselves to just relax and rejuvenate. This song allows your mind to paint one of the most beautiful landscapes you could ever design as it takes you into a temporary moment of escape from your daily life. Relax to the sounds of Massage Music.

Track #2: Mother’s Day Gift

The music of the song, Mother’s Day Gift, offers the gift of gratitude for all that our moms do for us. It combines the joys, sorrows, pains, and triumphs that we experience as our moms support us throughout our lives. May this truly be a gift to your mom from the heart and one that she will truly treasure for many years to come.

Track #3: Gentle Breezes

As a gentle breeze was blowing, it reminded me that even during difficult times, Gentle Breezes can be soothing, calming and refreshing for us.

Track #4: When The Last Teardrop Falls

When we lose a person we love so very much in our life, there are many tears. After some time, the tears still exist, but we look forward to a day when the tears will be replaced with happy memories.

Track #5: Hope For Haditha Children

Through this song, Hope For Haditha Children, may the children of Haditha, Iraq travel a journey that leads them to peace, healing and forgiveness for what they have experienced.

Track #6: Mesmerizing

At times we have so many things going on in our lives and that to focus we must escape to another world or a trance like state to offer ourselves a moment of relaxation and reprieve. Sometimes this moment of mesmerizing trance is our way through to another moment in our life.

Track #7: Where Did You Go?

A song created at a time in my life when no matter how many questions I asked, there were just no answers. And yet, the answers were all so obvious but so not understood.

Track #8: Flowing Waters

If you ever need a mini break during a day, find a river, stream, lake, or even a water fountain and just listen to the water. Just listen.

Track #9: Into The Deep

“Into The Deep” takes you into a place where few travel. It is beyond the point of just feeling relaxed or feeling good. It is a place where words, thoughts and time have no home. It is located within you and holds the keys to your life and your happiness.

Track #10: Finding Myself

It is a wonderful moment when a person begins to really find themselves. It takes a lot of hard work to uncover each part that has been hidden for centuries within themselves. But through courage, continued work and a desire to know more, we can truly find our selves.

Track #11: Relaxing Spa Music

Just enjoy those special moments of pure heaven as you relax to the quiet, peaceful sounds of a spa. As you listen, just let your cares be brushed away into another world.

Track #12: Mother’s Day Music

This music dedicates itself to all our moms wherever they may be located. It is dedicated to their love, understanding, patience and all their hard work as they support us throughout their lives.

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