This is the official page of Don Shetterly, whether it is music, photographs, artwork, paintings, or writing.  Don is a multi-dimensional and multi-talented individual that tries to reach the essence of people, life, and his own experiences to find a greater awareness and consciousness.  You can also learn more about Don’s appearances on Oprah and Dr. Drew.




InBook Image of Hope And Possibility Through Trauma By Don Shetterly 1991, Don Shetterly was paralyzed from a conversion disorder and had to find his own way back to health and healing.  There were very few resources at the time and the road was not easy.  Don’s first book, “Hope And Possibility Through Healing”, is his first attempt to help others with his story, but not the last.



A Journey Through Words by Don ShetterlyThe first book that Don Shetterly wrote was a poetry book called A Journey Through Words.  The things Don was writing about were not intended to be published in a book.  These poems showed Don’s own journey through his healing process.  A beautiful full color 59 page book available only on LuLu Press.




Don Shetterly Relaxing Music CDDon Shetterly also creates relaxing, heartfelt piano music that comes deep from within his soul.  It is music that is recorded as it is created and is like a conversation flowing from Don’s hands on to the keys of the piano.  Listen to his piano music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many more.




TV Shows

In 201Oprah 200 Male Survivors Don Shetterly Nov 20100, Don Shetterly was one of the 200 Male Survivors invited by Oprah to be a part of one of her last episodes devoted to helping Male Survivors of Child Abuse find hope and healing.

Dr Drew Conversion Disorder Don Shetterly Leroy NY 2012In 2012, Don was a featured guest on the Dr. Drew show concerning Conversion Disorder as a possible explanation for the Leroy, NY situation that was occurring.  There is a transcript of this show on CNN.  To learn more about my appearance, click on the picture.





Somatosync Logo Don ShetterlyDon is a therapist specializing in the treatment of pain, anxiety, and trauma with an emphasis on Conversion Disorder.  You can learn more about this work at






Mind Body Thoughts Blog Logo Don ShetterlyDon writes a daily blog on the subject of Mind Body Thoughts. This has been an ongoing personal journal trying to help push the limits of what we know about Mind-Body Thoughts combined with healing and awareness.





Seminars and Webinars

Don Shetterly Seminars WebinarsDon also puts seminars and webinars on as well as recording videos.  There is a wide range of topics but all of them focus around the mind-body healing bringing about awareness and a greater consciousness.  All seminar and webinar events are listed on the website.






Don Shetterly Photographs NatureDon also enjoys taking photographs and pictures of nature and wildlife just for fun.  He enjoys nature every chance he gets and loves to spend time along the ocean.  Don uses his camera to help capture these moments where he gets to spend a minute out in nature.







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