Massage Music CD by Don Shetterly

  • 1 track single.
  • Length: 4 Minutes
  • A Relaxing Melody
  • No talking or singinig
  • Ideal For Massage
  • Helps Relaxation

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About The CD

Imagine letting the music massage you.  Your stress flows away from you as you listen to this beautiful melody.  Just sit back and enjoy this musical massage brought created by Don Shetterly.  It is one of Don’s best selling songs and is on his CD’s Relaxing Spa Music and Focusing. Buy on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Groove, Google Play or Rhapsody.

Released in August 2006.

Length: 4 min.

Song Descriptions

Track #1: Massage Music

For Relaxation, Meditation, Sleep and Massage.

It isn’t often that we allow the necessary time for ourselves to just relax and rejuvenate. This song allows your mind to paint one of the most beautiful landscapes you could ever design as it takes you into a temporary moment of escape from your daily life. Relax to the sounds of Massage Music.

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Created: 1/22/16